India’s 1st Ever Smart Paint

With Skora, we bring to the forefront a revolutionary offering – a state of the art Smart Paint.

This Smart Paint technology has been developed by Skora through rigorous research and development that finally resulted in a coating system that possesses a unique set of attributes like no other in the industry. A product that is all set to turn from only so much so a dream to a sustained and dynamic demand.


Quad Coat System

No coating system is better than our very own Quad Coat System which is made up of 4 crucial layers that are dedicated to protecting your walls. Each of the 4 layers form a symbiotic bond of an impenetrable quartz like structure to make any masonry surface hydrophobic and durable.

Mr. Protect


The first layer is a clear single coat priming agent that gets absorbed by the substrate and prepares the application surface for painting.

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Smart Paint


The next two layers are the two coats of Skora Smart Paint that create a thick barrier over the surface. These layers provide the rich and radiant shades of our Smart Colours to your walls. Due to the unique formulation of our Smart Paint, these layers of paint do not lose their Dry Film Thickness (DFT) over the course of time.

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Mr. Finish


The final layer in our Quad Coat System is Mr Finish, a finishing coat that seals the layers of paint and primer for added protection against the elements. This layer is colourless and fortifies the hydrophobic nature of our Smart Paint.

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Quartz-Shield Technology

Our Smart Paints are infused with our one of a kind Quartz-Shield Technology. This technology creates a durable quartz like protective layer of paint over the surface of your wall which also renders the surface waterproof. This Quartz technology creates a dry zone below the wall’s surface that prevents any problems that arise due to moisture like mould, fungus and algae formation.

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Smart Dry

The Smart 3D structure of the Quartz-Shield that renders the surface hydrophobic almost instantly creates a dry zone beneath the coating.

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Our Smart Quartz Paint is extremely hydrophobic in nature. This means it can be used to waterproof your walls as its unique hydrophobic composition prevents any moisture from penetrating the surface while at the same time allowing existing moisture inside the wall to escape due to our paint’s breathable nature.

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Smart DFT

Most coats of paint get thinner over the course of time causing wear and tear, our paints maintain their thickness right from day 1 to over day 3000.

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Smart Breathe

Our paints are like no other in the market because, like your skin, our paint also breathes which lets airflow through while keeping moisture out.

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Smart Cool

Our SmartCool Coat technology prevents the coated surface from heating by reflecting the radiation rather than letting it get absorbed into the substrate.

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