Frequently Asked Question’s

Generally, most concrete and masonry surfaces contain some flaws like hairline cracks, porous surface finish, air pockets and so on. These are weak spots where moisture can penetrate the surface and cause further problems like dampness, mould formation and the like. Using a breathable paint such as our Smart Quartz Paint allows the wall to breath by letting moisture escape in the form of vapour while preventing any further moisture from penetrating the wall from the outside.

Due to the unique Quartz like structure of our Smart Quartz Paint, the surface of the wall is left with microscopic pours that only allow moisture to exit in the form of vapour while simultaneously preventing water on the outside from penetrating the surface.

Our Smart Quartz Paint technology allows the wall to breathe while the hydrophobic technology creates water beading and prevents water from penetrating into the surface. The combination of these two properties makes our Smart Quartz Paint a superior coating system with added durability as well as dirt repellence.

The beading effect of our Smart Quartz Paint is apparent during weathering like rain and is retained throughout our paint’s service life which is covered under our guarantee based on the category of Skora Paint you have chosen to use.

Our Smart Quartz Paint owes its extreme durability to the properties of low water absorption combined with high breathability. These properties are a result of the unique Quartz formulation that forms a strongly hydrophobic and waterproof layer to protect your walls.

Quartz and silicone resin exterior paint have been used effectively across Europe for decades. Such paint is commonly used abroad and tends to last well over 20 years in varied climates and under varied conditions without any need for renovation or repainting.

For the absolute best result, it is recommended that any existing paint on the application surface has to be thoroughly removed before applying any of our coatings. Applying our paint over an existing one may compromise the breathability of our paint as the old coat of paint may be a film forming coating.

Walls with salt damage must always be properly treated thoroughly and washed to ensure a clean application surface. Applying our Skora Smart Quartz Paint on an untreated wall with salt damage may compromise the quality of finish as well as the durability and life span of the paint.

The quality of an exterior paint isn’t just measured by the colour, vibrancy and finish that it achieves but also by the amount of time is protects your walls. Most paint however, concentrate only of aesthetic rather than protection. Our Smart Quartz Paint on the other hand has been specifically developed to protect walls as well as beautify them over a long period of time. Our paints last well beyond the average paint which ultimately proves to be more economical that having to spend on repainting year after year. This makes using our Smart Quartz Paint undoubtedly worthwhile in the long run.

Our Smart Quartz Paint has been developed as coating solution that involves a Quad Coat System which, as the name suggests, involves application of 4 coats to effectively protect your walls. This application process has been perfected by our very own set of Smart Contractors and their highly skilled Smart Painters who will be deployed to execute your painting project. In most circumstances, we recommend that our Smart Contractors carry out the painting process. However, in case you wish to have the painting done yourself, you can follow the instructions as detailed out on our Smart Packaging as well as our product technical datasheets.

Yes, our Smart Quartz Paints can achieve shades that are widely available in the market as well an exclusive range of Smart Colours that have been specifically developed by us.

Our Smart Quartz Paint is the 1 solution for 10 different problems that commonly plague buildings across the country. These include leakages, dampness, efflorescence, honey comb, CO2 damage, peeling and flaking, chalking, mould, surfactant leaching as well as algae growth. Our Smart Paints ensure that once properly applied, none of these issues will arise on your walls.

We are the first and only paint company in the country to confidently provide guarantee on our paints to ensure quality service delivery to you. Each of our paints come with a guarantee letter that covers different durations as per the selected paint category. For instance, Mr Perfect exterior paint comes with Lifetime Guarantee, a never before seen offering in the paint industry, Mr Durable comes with 10 years of guarantee, while Mr Care and Mr Anna come with 7 and 5 years of guarantee respectively.

Our Smart Quartz Paint has been developed using our very own Quad Coat Technology. As the name suggests, this involves the application of 4 crucial layers of coating that consist of 1 coat of primer, 2 coats of paint and 1 final coat of finish. All of these coats work together to create the best possible waterproofing solution for your walls.

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