10 Problems 1 Solution

10 Problems

1 Solution

Ordinary paints in the market promise various things like glossy finishes, bright colours and long lasting shades but often fail to live up to expectations due to the harsh weather conditions in India.

At Skora, we have developed our Smart paint to tackle these issues of cracking, peeling, flaking and fading specifically under Indian weather conditions to keep your walls looking beautiful all year round for years to come.

Skora looks so good simply because our smart paint is specifically designed to resist weathering, fading and any other kind of damage that affects the way your walls look.

With the help of our Smart Colour technology, we offer a wide range of rich colours that resist fading over time, ensuring long lasting beauty for your walls.



Every building faces the dreaded issue of water leakage at some point or the other. This is one of the major causes of other common building defects so much so that if water leakage could be prevented, almost 80% of other building defects can be eliminated.

Cause: Leakage in the drainage pipes of the upper, adjacent water supply pipes, seepage of waste water or rain water through external walls.

Smart Solution: Our Smart Hydrophobic technology tackles the issue of external leakage damaging building exteriors as our coatings are highly water repellent. This prevents the surface from soaking such water in the first place. For internal leakages, while repairs in the plumbing are yet to be made, our Smart Breathing Paint lets the damp wall breathe and release moisture in the form of vapour. This provides relief to the affected area preventing permanent damage.



Efflorescence happens when crystalline deposits of soluble salts, usually white in colour, start to appear on the surface of the wall. These usually comprise of Sodium, Potassium, Magnesium, Calcium, iron and so on.

Cause: It is caused by the migration of lime water molecules (Ca(OH)2) to the surface of the damp external render.

Smart Solution: Our Smart Quartz Shield technology does a handy job of preventing elements like moisture along with other harmful impurities from penetrating beneath the surface. This prevents external factors from causing salt attacks. Our Smart Hydrophobic technology ensures the coating has deep penetration into the substrate.



Chalking is the formation of fine powder on the surface of the paint film due to weathering and excessive exposure to UV radiation.

Cause: UV radiation exposure leads chalking which can cause colour fading.

Smart Solution: Smart Therma Coat & Fade Proof Technology.



Mildew grows mainly in damp, humid, or moist areas of your home, but the best form of prevention is using mildew-resistant paint.

Cause: Moisture penetration and presence in the wall is the key cause of mould growth.

Smart Solution: Smart Hydrophobic Technology & Anti-Mould


Peeling Flaking

Loss of adhesion of the paint film caused by high levels of moisture that penetrate the film and eventually push the film away from the substrate. Flaking is an early stage of peeling.

Cause: Poor surface preparation and/or applying too thin a coat of paint. Excessive moisture in a home due to a high level of humidity in the basement or foundation.

Smart Solution: Hydrophobic Technology & Smart Breathing Paint.



Dampness is another issue that commonly ails buildings. Such structural dampness is caused by the presence of unwanted moisture in the structure of the building, either as a result of rain or condensation from within the structure itself.

Cause: Poor quality of construction material, bad design, faulty construction or bad workmanship and of course the weather can cause dampness.

Smart Solution: Hydrophobic Technology & Smart Breathing


Honey Comb

Honeycombs are hollow spaces and cavities left in the concrete mass on the surface or inside the concrete mass where concrete could not reach. These look like a honey bee nest.

Cause: Improper vibration during concreting, poor workmanship.

Smart Solution: Smart Breathing Paint


Surfactant Leaching

Concentration of water-soluble paint ingredients called “surfactants” on the surface of a latex paint. May be evident as tan, brown or clear spots and areas and can sometimes be glossy, soapy, oily or sticky.

Cause: Cool temperatures will retard the paints curing process, which can allow surfactant to separate out and float to the top of the coating.

Smart Solution: Smart Quartz Shield


Damage By CO2

When carbon dioxide in the air comes in contact with soluble salts and moisture in the wall, it forms carbon monoxide. This effects the integrity of steel and concrete in the structure.

Cause: Serious damage caused by corrosion to steel structure.

Smart Solution: Smart Breathing Paint


Algae Growth

Algae and fungus can grow when the surface is continually damp and dirty. Insufficient fungicide algaecide in the paint can also worsen the situation.

Cause: Water penetration and dampness in the wall.

Smart Solution: Smart Hydrophobic Technology & Anti-Algae