Lifetime Guarantee

What the Guarantee Covers
The Guarantee provided covers fading, flaking, peeling, chalking of the paint over the course of the defined guarantee period as indicated on the product packaging. The guarantee also covers wall dampness, efflorescence as well as formation of mould and algae under normal conditions. Exceptions for the same are detailed in the below sections. There is no minimum purchase quantity to avail the benefit of Guarantee.

Guarantee Letter
A guarantee letter will be presented to you containing all details of the guarantee. The same has to be preserved and presented to claim the guarantee if the need ever so arises.

Commencement and Duration of the Guarantee
The Guarantee shall commence on the date of completion of the painting project once the Finishing Consultant has given his acknowledgment of proper completion. The duration of the guarantee period will be as per the duration mentioned on the product packaging and technical sheets, the same will also be detailed out in the Guarantee Letter which is to be produced during the time of guarantee claim. Where any claim arises during the guarantee period, the period will not start afresh after settlement of the claim.

Applicability of Guarantee
The guarantee shall only be applicable where:

Skora paint and related materials are applied as per the detailed instructions mentioned on the product packaging and technical sheets in the prescribed manner using the prescribed tools and process.

Skora Paint is used in combination with Skora primer and finish coat in the prescribed manner amd prescribed order of application.

Skora paint is applied in the prescribed manner on masonry surfaces as prescribed in the product technical sheets.

Claims and Repairs under the Guarantee
In case there is cause to claim the guarantee, the same must be done within 30 days of the consumer discovering any defect, damage or failure which gives rise to a claim. All details of the issue has to be provided along with the Guarantee Letter upon which Skora will assign the Finishing Consultant to investigate and inspect the same and sanction the claim if found to be genuine.

The recoating process will then be overseen by the Finishing Consultant to ensure proper application and no further issues.

Guarantee Exclusions
The guarantee will cover only manufacturing defects and performance failure under normal conditions as long as the coating has been applied as per the prescribed application process. The guarantee excludes claim situations where:

  • Coating failure has occurred due to existing structural defects and damage of the coating due to high abrasion of the surface with furniture, nails or other sharp objects.
  • There exists high alkalinity, water leakage and see page within the building structure and continuous dampness of the surface.
  • Coating has been applied on a surface which is contaminated, an improper painting process has been followed or inadequate curing time for the coating layer to dry.
  • Natural calamities such as earthquakes, cyclones, etc. have occurred.
  • Failure or defects in the structure or if the previous coating was not properly and completely removed.
  • Vandalism or acts of God have occurred.
  • There is abuse or negligence on part of the customer.

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