Smart Clean

Smart Clean

The Paint

that cleans

We have developed our range of smart coatings to feature a smooth matte texture that is infused with our Smart Clean technology.

We developed this technology keeping in mind the convenience it would bring to you in terms of cleaning and maintenance as each coating has an in-built self-cleaning property that’s committed to keeping your walls looking clean and dirt free. We designed our Smart Clean technology alongside the high degree of water repellence that our coatings provide which prevent atmospheric soiling.

Every time it rains, our Smart Clean technology causes the water to literally wash away the dirt and dust that may have collected on the wall. Our Smart Clean technology has been formulated to produce a high beading effect that lets water trickle down the surface rather than allowing it to be soaked into the substrate itself. As the water trickles down, it collects dirt and dust particles with it.

This Smart Clean technology of ours keeps the structure looking cleaner for longer and gives our coatings a significant advantage over other textured coatings where dirt accumulation can be high and visually evident.