The Paint That Breathes

The Paint

that breathes

Typical acrylic film based coatings are closed in nature which act like a barrier for water going in and out, locking existing moisture inside the wall. This locked moisture escapes the wall eventually in the form of dampness, leakage, effluorescence by bringing with it salts, and attracts algae, moss, mould and mildew formation. This eventually degrades the integrity of the wall as well as the paint over time both aesthetically and physically.

To prevent this, we designed our Smart Breathing Paint to have an open porous structure that allows moisture to escape as vapour. With a precise porosity tolerance, it lets out water only in the form of vapour which is not harmful for paint.

Simultaneously however, our Smart Paint technology forms a Quartz-shield that develops a repellent nature for the surface of the substrate that does not allow water to get in to the wall itself as it’s rendered hydrophobic which leads to a spectacular water beading formation.

Waterproof Shield

Our waterproofing paint, a.k.a. Mr. Proofer forms a tough waterproofing coating on the applied surface that keeps water and moisture out even in the heaviest of rainfall.

With high concentration of quartz, the coating repels water at zero absorption levels even on a flat level where stagnant water levels are high and pressurised.

Smart Breathe

Our paints are to your surface, like skin is to your body. Just like your skin sweats by letting out impurities and moisture to cool your body, it doesn’t let anything permeate. So does our paint, it breathes.

Just how breathing is an integral part of your body and your skin, so it should be for every structure and hence the paints and coatings that go onto it. Due to the outstanding capabilities and attributes it lends to the structure, Smart Breathe is now one of the most basic necessities of any paint or coating and hence each of our products can breathe. Just like you.

Smart DFT

The life of any paint heavily relies on its Dry Film Thickness. The thicker the coat of paint on the wall, the more durable it will be and the longer it will last.

However in India, it’s common practice for paint to be applied in very thin layers after heavy dilution to save on cost and to get the job done.

Our Smart Practices ensure that the thickness of paint is not compromised by harmful dilution. Our paint is also formulated to form thick layers of coating which do not thin over time like conventional paints do in the market due
to wear and tear, wind erosion, and pollution. Smart DFT technology ensure that the thickness is maintained for years to come.

Quartz-Shield Technology

Our R&D teams made a path-breaking discovery of how fibreglass serves best for a water resistant coating formula.

Using fibreglass dioxide with key ingredients we created a revolutionary paint that adopts all properties of Quartz, rendering the paint a shield with permalast attributes. Quartz being one of the most inert and durable substances found on earth, the 3-Dimensional Structure of alternating Silicone and Oxygen atoms protects substrates from weathering by building an unbreakable shield on any structure.

Hydophobic Technology

Skora’s Quartz-shield makes our paints highly repellent against water penetration. This Quartz-like structure prevents moisture from soaking into the surface which prevents formation of harmful elements like mould and algae that thrive in damp areas and ultimately jeopardise the integrity of the wall and the paint.

That gives our paint a high beading effect in every weather, even extreme rainy conditions that lets water roll off the surface of the wall without allowing it to get absorbed beneath the surface. Because this unique technology is not film forming, it lets the wall release existing moisture inside the wall in the form of vapour letting the wall “breathe” like actual skin.

Our Smart Hydrophobic technology essentially extends the life of our paint and the wall to last a lifetime by faithfully fighting against any form of water and moisture.

Smart Dry

Our Smart Paint possesses hydrophobic properties that allow it to to dry much faster than conventional paint in the market. This nature of our paint holds true even during the painting process which allows the paint to keep dry even in heavy rainfall. This SmartDry technology reduces application time drastically, eliminating the hassle of having to wait for completion of a paint job.

The greatest advantage of our SmartDry technology is being able to paint during the monsoon due to much shorter paint time. Due to the hydrophobic nature of the paint, each coating goes unaffected by rainfall that may interrupt the painting process.

Smart Cool

We have developed a unique technology that helps maintain surface temperature of the paint called SmartCool technology. Our range of Smart coatings uses our SmartCool technology to elongate its paint life. This technology helps each coat reflect harmful Infrared radiation emitted from the sun. As per our research, prolonged exposure to IR radiation causes the surface of the substrate to heat up as it absorbs the radiation.

Our SmartCool Coat technology prevents the coated surface from heating by reflecting the radiation rather than letting it get absorbed into the substrate.

This keeps the coated surface cool, reducing the need for artificial cooling systems inside homes and buildings which promotes sustainability and energy saving. Our SmartCool Coat technology also prevents paint from cracking and fading that’s caused by heat absorption.