Smart Shields

The Paint

that Shields

Moisture is the root cause of most issues related to paint either peeling, flaking or chipping off. Conventional paints are ill equipped to handle any moisture and therefore tend to degrade
quickly after you’ve just painted your walls. Our Smart Paint technology on the other hand, is
cleverly designed to repel any moisture from the surface of the wall as well as allow internal moisture to escape as vapour through our Smart Breathing paint technology. Our Smart Paint creates a dry area under the layer of paint that prevents the formation of mould, algae and other harmful elements that not only ruins the beauty of your walls but also affects the structural integrity of the walls over time. This is how Skora protects your substrates. This not only protects your building’s health both physically and aeshetically but also takes care of the health of those who live/ use the structure due to extremely high anti-allergy properties.