Product Overview

Guarantee Period 03 Years Guarantee
Net Quantity 20/04/01 Ltr
Available Colours 1560
Surface Finish Matte
Drying Period 3-4 hrs
Thinner No Dilution
Number of Coats 2
Coverage Area 50-60 sq ft/Ltr
DFT 65-75 micron

Product Benefits

NoBrushMarks High Medium Low
SmartCool High Medium Low
CrackProof High Medium Low
FadeProof High Medium Low
SmartClean High Medium Low
ScrubResistance High Medium Low
HighWashability High Medium Low
Anti-Mould High Medium Low

Applicable Surfaces

  • Cement Plaster

  • Brick Work

  • Block Work

  • Cement Sheets

  • Concrete


Why Choose Me?

FadeProof Ultraviolet rays make paints fade over time but our paint deflects these rays, making every shade look as fresh as the day they were applied.

Odourless Our Smart Quartz Paint is clean and imbued with an odourless technology that ensures you don’t have to bother with the smell of paint ever again.

DirtResistance We would hate for your walls to look dirty, so we formulated our paints to be dirt resistant to ensure your walls look nothing but stunning.

HighWashability Our paints are water resistant and naturally prevent moisture penetration. To top that, frequent washing also does not deter the integrity of our Smart Quartz Paint.

SmartCool Infrared rays tend to heat surfaces over time, our Smart Quartz Paint helps deflect those rays even in case of dark shades to keep your painted surface cool.

ScrubResistance Stains and dirt make any wall look less appealing and scrubbing walls tends to thin the layer of paint. Our Smart Quartz Paint, hence has a highly scrub resistant.

How to Use


Mr. Protect Primer
Thinner Water
Dilution Level 90%
Drying Period 3 hrs


Mr. Delight – First Coat
Thinner NA
Dilution Level No Dilution
Drying Period 3-4 hrs


Mr. Delight – Second Coat
Thinner NA
Dilution Level No Dilution
Drying Period 3-4 hrs


Mr. Finish
Thinner Water
Dilution Level 90%
Drying Period 3-4 hrs

Before application of any coat, ensure the surface is free from dust, dirt, grease, any growth of fungus and algae.

*Drying period is quoted for typical conditions of 25°C and 50% relative humidity, these may vary under different condition.