Product Overview

Guarantee Period Lifetime Guarantee
Net Quantity 20/04/01 Ltr
Available Colours 1560
Surface Finish Matte
Drying Period 3-4 hrs
Thinner No Dilution
Number of Coats 2
Coverage Area 40-50 sq ft/Ltr
DFT 80-110 micron

Product Benefits

SmartDFT High Medium Low
SmartCool High Medium Low
CrackProof High Medium Low
FadeProof High Medium Low
SmartClean High Medium Low
DirtResistance High Medium Low

Applicable Surfaces

  • Stone

  • Cement Plaster

  • Brick Work

  • Block Work

  • Cement Sheets

  • Concrete


Why Choose Me?

QuartzShield Our Smart Quartz Paint forms a strong Fibreglass layer made of a Quartz-like structure that protects the painted surface from the elements and more.

WeatherProtectOur paint gets stronger with every monsoon, making sure you don’t have to keep repainting every year for the next decade, come rain or shine.

Anti-MouldOur Smart Quartz Paint keeps your walls dry not only on but below the surface as well. This ensures that there’s no moisture to promote the growth
of mould.

SmartBreatheOur paints are like no other in the market because, like your skin, our paint also breathes which lets airflow through while keeping moisture out.

FadeProof Ultraviolet rays make paints fade over time but our paint deflects these rays, making every shade look as fresh as the day they were applied.

CrackProofLike the name suggests, I don’t crack under the heat of the sun, making sure I last much longer than the other coatings in the neighbourhood.

PerfectFinish Our best paint calls for the best possible finish, something we at Skora formulated to make every applied surface look nothing short of stunning.

HydrophobicTechnologyThis Smart technology prevents water from penetrating the surface to keep your substrate high and dry even in the rainiest weather.

How to Use


Mr. Protect Primer
Thinner Water
Dilution Level 90%
Drying Period 3 hrs


Mr. Perfect – First Coat
Thinner NA
Dilution Level No Dilution
Drying Period 3-4 hrs


Mr. Perfect – Second Coat
Thinner NA
Dilution Level No Dilution
Drying Period 3-4 hrs


Mr. Finish
Thinner Water
Dilution Level 90%
Drying Period 3-4 hrs

Before application of any coat, ensure the surface is free from dust, dirt, grease, any growth of fungus and algae.

*Drying period is quoted for typical conditions of 25°C and 50% relative humidity, these may vary under different condition.