Product Overview

Guarantee Period
Net Quantity 40 Kg
Available Colours
Surface Finish
Drying Period 4 hrs
Thinner Water
Number of Coats 2
Coverage Area 1 sq ft/Ltr

Product Benefits

MultiSurface High Medium Low
SmartBreathe High Medium Low
WeatherProtect High Medium Low
HighAdhesion High Medium Low
CompactPlaster High Medium Low
HighDurability High Medium Low
MinimalRebounding High Medium Low

Applicable Surfaces

  • Stone

  • Cement Plaster

  • Brick Work

  • Block Work

  • Cement Sheets

  • Concrete


Why Choose Me?

QuartzShield Our Smart Quartz Shield forms a strong Fibreglass layer made of a Quartz-like structure that protects the painted surface from the elements and more.

WeatherProtect Our paint gets stronger with every monsoon, making sure you don’t have to keep repainting every year for the next decade, come rain or shine.

CrackProof Like the name suggests, I don’t crack under the heat of the sun, making sure I last much longer than the other coatings in the neighbourhood.

SmartBreathe Our paints are like no other in the market because, like your skin, our paint also breathes which lets airflow through while keeping moisture out.

How to Use (Surface Preparation)

Mr. Ready (Premixed Plaster)
Thinner Water
Dilution Level 5-6 ltrs of water for 40kg
Drying Period 4 hrs

Cleaning I’m a clean plaster myself and I like clean surfaces, so do me a favour and ensure that the surface is free from dust, dirt, grease, any growth of fungus, and algae. If you do see any of these, thoroughly remove them from the application

Pre-Wetting Ensure that you pre-wet the application surface thoroughly before applying me to prevent loss of moisture and promote better adherence.

Mixing Use 5-6 litres of water for 30 kg of me. Mix me for upto 4-5 minutes using a mechanical mixer for the best consistency and then allow me to stand for 2-3 minutes for the additives to dissolve. Then remix me for 2 minutes and I’m ready for application.

Application You can now apply me to the surface evenly and generously using adequate pressure.I recommend using a steel trowel or wooden float for the best results.

*Drying period is quoted for typical of 25° and 50% relative humidity, these may vary under different conditions.