Smart Solutions

3600 Protection for you

At Skora, we’re not just about paint, we’re about doing so much more. Our Smart Solutions have been carefully crafted to serve you better before, during and even after the walls have been painted.

Smart Survey

Before jumping right into the painting process, our Smart Team will conduct an extensive survey of the intended project area. This survey will record any structural issues that are currently present in the building and narrow down on the root causes for the same. We believe this to be an important step in our painting process as it is unwise to blindly paint a structure before dissecting it for issues that need attention first.

360 Degree Report

Once the Smart Survey has been completed, the findings and all details pertaining to the survey are documented and presented in our 360 Degree Report of the project. This report is an all-encompassing document that will highlight any existing problems in the building like dampness, leakages and other issues that can hinder the painting process. The report will also suggest corrective measures to prevent further issues.

Smart Consultants

No one knows the ins and outs of construction and allied activities better than technical experts in the field. Skora, being the expert on paint, has put together a team of highly qualified Smart Consultants to oversee and assist on every project whether big or small.

Smart Contractors

We have put together a set of Smart Contractors who are well versed and experienced in completing paint projects. These Smart Contractors along with their Smart Painters will execute every painting project as per the prescribed application procedure to ensure the best possible results for your structure.


At Skora, we don’t paint and forget. Instead, we’re keen on inspecting every project to constantly improve our coating solution and provide quality after sales service. Depending on the paint solution you’ve chosen, our Finishing Consultant will pay a visit to the painted project site every 3 years within the guarantee period to inspect the coated surface. In case the paint system does not pass the inspection test, he will recommend further action.


Upon completion of the painting process, at regular intervals depending on the tenure of the guarantee our team of specialists will carry out maintenance of the painted project site to keep the paint solution fresh and clean. This will include washing of the painted surface under the supervision of the Finishing Consultant.

Select the Perfect Smart Quartz Paint System for you

Perfect Exterior System
For the Perfect Exterior Finish

Rs. 23
/ sq. ft

  • Lifetime Guarantee
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Grande Interior System
For a Grande Interior Finish

Rs. 25
/sq. ft

  • 7 Years Guarantee
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Waterproof Roof System
For a waterproof roof coating

Rs. 24
/ sq. ft

  • 10 Years Guarantee
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